NSE Development Process

NSE’s proprietary development methodology has been perfected over time to balance the control required with outsourced development, with the flexibility required by today’s agile businesses. The process can be flexible around a client's internal process but would typically run as follows:

Requirements Gathering

NSE engages with the client and relevant stakeholders to discuss your requirements. NSE provides mock-ups and story-boarding whilst focusing on risk analysis and cost implications.

Back-End Development

Database, Data Layer and Business Logic are implemented by our team of developers.

Front-End Development

Our team of front-end developers get to work implementing your designs – be it on a website, mobile app or desktop application.

UAT Deployment

Your application is then deployed by our Operations department to a staging environment for your review.

Live Support

Once your application is live, NSE remains a key part of your IT strategy, supporting and updating the application in regular, managed deployment cycles.


System Design

NSE will draw up documentation as required to logically represent data structures, rules or process flows. Requirements document will be split logically in to Areas then subdivided in to Tasks for development

Unit Testing

Each area of back-end development is tested against Unit Test plans. Automated, repeatable tests are built as required.


The NSE testing team then analyses the application, checking compatibility, presentation, stability and adherence to specification.

Review & Bug Fix

Following the review period any final minor issues are addressed. A list of changes required to the application are collated. This list is reviewed and, in collaboration with the client, risks and costs are discussed.

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