Outsourced Software Development

For truly outsourced software development you need a company you can trust, a company that helps you realise your vision, and overall a company that respects the fact that the idea is your Intellectual Property and remains so.

NSE has clearly defined structure and processes which enable outsourcing to operate efficiently and transparently. Our aim is to simplify the process and take on the responsibility of ensuring a successful delivery, leaving you to focus on the strategic product vision. NSE are passionate about delivering solutions that meet your requirements. Our business analysts get involved as early as possible in the project life cycle, providing your business with the benefit of our experience and ideas.

If you are looking for outsourced web development, call us to today to find out more about our software applications for websites, mobile apps, IVR apps and cloud integration – all built to meet your specifications.

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Your Vision, Your IP

Your Vision, Your IP

NSE recognise that everything we build for you is based on your vision. Why pay someone to give them the benefit of your ideas? Develop your vision with NSE and you will retain the Intellectual Property rights (IP) and ownership of all of the code.


Our Process

NSE’s proprietary development methodology has been perfected over time to balance the control required with outsourced development, with the flexibility required by today’s agile businesses. The process can be adapted to suit an existing client internal process as required.



NSE can work on either a fixed price basis against a defined specification or a retained basis, working towards pre-defined project milestones. NSE takes on the responsibility to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.


Clear Project Visibility

Outsourcing development to NSE is a transparent process, with all work items, bugs and progress visible via our portal. Any issues found in UAT can be submitted and tracked all in one place. Our Clients find that in working with NSE, they are as connected to the development process as running a team in-house.

Project Progress



Our Developers

Our UK based developers are highly motivated, experienced and qualified individuals. Our development projects are overseen by a development manager and led by a senior developer. Our training scheme ensures that all developers work to NSE standard coding practices and towards the latest Microsoft qualifications.

Developer Qualifications

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