Cloud Platform

What is a Private Cloud?

A private cloud is a dedicated cloud infrastructure operated exclusively for a single organisation. Private clouds have a number of the advantages over public clouds (agility, scalability, resilience, expert support) without the inherent risks (security, privacy, data domicile, environment knowledge).

Private clouds are ideal for companies that wish to outsource their in-house IT infrastructure but have strict compliance, privacy and/or security requirements.

By taking advantage of the NSE cloud there is no need for the investment required in expensive hardware and software. Whether you are looking to migrate your existing in-house systems to the cloud or to replicate them for DR purposes, NSE can provide you with all the processing and data resources for a controlled monthly fee.

The NSE Cloud

The NSE cloud platform offers scalability that enables our clients to adapt quickly and dynamically to the demands of their businesses. Whether expanding or subsequently downsizing, our operations team can effortlessly change the allocation of resources, which would then be reflected in the next bill. The physical server host environment is normally designed to allow physical server hosts the capability to provide 70% of the normal virtual server resource load. This will allow all servers to run at a sustainable reduced capacity until full capacity has been restored.

Resource Requirements

Enterprise grade servers are utilised to cater for customers’ higher resource requirements including CPU, Memory and I/O. This environment will be designed to cater for the following capabilities:

  • Dedicated resource allocation for dedicated high-end and specialist servers
  • Burst capability for over subscription of resources during high demand periods
  • High availability and redundancy across all resources with multiple physical server hosts and multiple hardware components in each server such as CPUs, Memory and I/O Adapters
  • Redundant physical server hosts will provide business continuity during outages due to hardware issues and also scheduled maintenance

Storage Architecture

NSE operates a tiered storage architecture to provide flexible storage options to our customers. The primary tiers of storage offered are:

  • Tier 1: Fast storage disk utilised for database and critical production servers
  • Tier 2: Medium storage disk utilised for file transactions or less critical servers such as development, DR
  • Tier 3: Online backup disk storage for backup and recovery

NSE Cloud Stack

Application Layer

NSE can build, deploy and support your bespoke software applications running on top of the Cloud Stack.

Platform Layer

Fully Supported Platforms include:

  • Web: ASP.NET, IIS, Apache, Tomcat
  • Database: MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres

Virtual Server Layer

Presentation of a Virtual Server running your choice of operating systems. NSE engineers are experts in the major Window and Linux environments.

Cloud Node Layer

Virtual Servers running on top of Xen VM farms based on Dell blade hardware. Virtual Servers run across multiple physical machines isolating the servers from physical hardware failure.

Scalable resilient storage environment based upon EMC SAN storage. Resiliency is provided by SAN based mirroring of entire servers and storage between Cloud Sites.

Data Centre Layer

NSE sites are based at our top tier data centres (Telehouse, Telecity) which provide 24/7 physical security, stringent access control, state of the art backup generators, fire suppression systems, and diverse power/connectivity routes. In the extremely unlikely event of a major outage at the data centre, your "servers" can relocate to another of our cloud nodes running in another (geographically separate) site. Real-time snapshots of your OS and data ensure that the current server state is available, significantly minimising downtime and impact.

NSE Core Network

Core network based around four primary POPs in London, Manchester and New York. Dedicated dark fibre ring with diverse routes ensures availability of connectivity between sites.

Cloud Stack

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