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Migrate your in-house IT infrastructure to the cloud. Our package of cloud-based services remove the headache of managing your IT office infrastructure in-house; instead, our team of highly experienced engineers manage these services for you.

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Migrating to the Cloud

Migrating to the cloud can be a daunting prospect. A trusted partner is needed to audit your requirements, understand the risks, control the migration and to provide support throughout the process.



The key to moving to the cloud is getting your connectivity right. With all services dependent upon high-speed, reliable network access it is imperative that this is in place. NSE provide high performance Leased Lines and EFM circuits with ADSL backup.



NSE will help you at every step of the way to migrate your current IT infrastructure to the Cloud. Our specialist engineers will design your move to minimise downtime. We will work closely with your business to provide a migration roadmap that ensures your users’ working time is uninterrupted.



NSE’s engineers support, monitor and manage the entire environment for you. We are available 24/7 and are dedicated to keeping your business running. We are experts in our field currently managing over 500 servers.

Public vs. Private Clouds

NSE operates a hybrid cloud environment as a combination of public and private clouds to best suit customer needs. The public cloud model is typically used for our pay-per-user offerings such as hosted Email and PBX servers. Private Clouds are used to hold dedicated virtual servers running proprietary applications.

Public vs. Private Clouds
Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Maintaining a secure infrastructure is a concern for all companies. NSE places security at the core of the cloud service offering and works in partnership with clients to understand and mitigate risks. The balance of private and public cloud services is bespoke to each customer based on our detailed understanding of your requirements.


Cost Management

A key benefit of cloud services with NSE is a clear understanding of the cost model. Charges are per server or per user without the upfront capital expenditure of server purchase. There are no hidden or unexpected costs and, unlike in-house IT, no sudden stepped costs to scale your infrastructure.

Cost Management

Cloud Expertise

Cloud Expertise

Our cloud services are supported by expert NSE engineers. NSE invests heavily in these engineers, ensuring they are trained to the highest levels as regards our entire product range - enabling us to offer the most effective and reliable cloud services on the market. NSE is a Microsoft Certified Partner, Novell SUSE Linux Partner and EMC Velocity Partner.

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