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  • 10 things to consider when implementing Cloud technology

    Is your business benefiting from cloud technology? Do you have unanswered questions or concerns about cloud? There is so much information and confusion around cloud infrastructure that it can be daunting to entrust your vital data to an outsourced provider. Here are Net Solutions Europe’s top ten tips to ease your fears and ensure your cloud migration runs smoothly.
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  • Should you Trust in Cloud?

    Reportedly 72% of businesses don’t trust cloud vendors. According to a recent survey reported on, 53% of respondents believed that their data was more likely to be breached when the cloud is involved. 72% believed that cloud providers fail to comply with data protection laws and regulations. As a cloud infrastructure provider, why are we telling you this?
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  • – demonstrating the potential dangers of data

    What is the worst that can happen with the mismanagement, leak or theft of this data? Only once this question has been decided should decisions be made about the level of security and resilience that should exist around that data. But what if the protection of that data could save exploitation and embarrassment, but over-protection could prevent lives being saved?
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