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  • Cost Vs Functionality of Phone Systems

    Reducing business costs leads to greater profit margins. However, costs should only be cut in the right places, and a successful business will carefully analyse where they can reduce their costs without hindering their business efficiency. Phone systems are a prime example where quality should absolutely not be considered as an opportunity cost for price, a high quality phone system is essential.
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  • 5 Top Tips for keeping your data safe

    The benefits of cloud storage are many-fold and almost universally accepted, and it is only a few stalwarts who, for fear of data compromise, refuse to entertain the idea in any way, shape or form. This doesn’t mean the forward thinking cloud fans should be resting on their laurels as far as security goes, though; because no-one likes being told “I told you so” by a stalwart.
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  • Cloud services and the Government

    G-Cloud, the government’s official procurement portal, is now in its sixth instalment, providing the platform for 1,453 suppliers to provide nearly 20,000 services to the public sector. But despite over £431.2m sales being made through the portal in 2014, local governments were responsible for only 6%, with central government responsible for the vast majority.
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