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Complete suite of Managed Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud hosting to outsource and protect your IT infrastructure.

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Bespoke Software Applications for Websites, Mobile Apps, IVR Apps and Cloud Integration, all designed to meet your requirements.

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  • How to know if private cloud is worth it?

    You can be sold on the benefits, improvements and advances offered by the cloud, in short the transformation the right cloud adoption can offer to an organisation. But when it comes to decision time, the numbers matter. How will new investment affect the bottom line? Establishing what constitutes value in cloud investment is vital to considering the implementation a success.
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  • Public Cloud Hosting - What are the issues?

    Cloud hosting has been one of the most effective technological advancements available for business since the turn of the century. However, the inherent risks and issues of public cloud hosting are still causing problems for many businesses. These risks are the driving force behind our passion for secure and scalable private cloud hosting service.
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  • Can outside sources protect Intellectual Property?

    Intellectual property forms a crucial part of competitive advantage, innovative and unique schemes enable businesses to gain a foothold over their competitors in the market. The development of intellectual property is often outsourced, and in this stage of the process it may be considered a risk to trust outside sources to protect your intellectual property.
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